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  • Brand crisis

Content Crisis – the Unbreakable Rules of Protecting your Brand’s Reputation

20th, March 2018|0 Comments

Oh Snapchat, you really are in trouble. Just weeks after Kylie Jenner potentially sounded the death knell for the platform and the petition calling for the platform to remove the unpopular new update gained 1m signatures, Snap [...]

  • Facebook algorithm

How to Survive the new Facebook Algorithm Change

15th, March 2018|0 Comments

Facebook only went and did it again… and the world isn’t happy. When Mark Zuckerberg announced the newsfeed changes the platform would be putting into effect, he triggered a drop in share price by as [...]

  • International Women's Day

International Women’s Day – How to Create Content like a Girl

9th, March 2018|0 Comments

This week the world celebrated International Women’s Day 2018 and you didn’t have to go far on social media to feel the flurry of empowering and emotional messages coming thick and fast. From celebrating the [...]

  • vero social app

Is Vero the New Instagram and What can Brands Learn From its Rise to Fame?

9th, March 2018|0 Comments

The rise of Vero this week could almost have led you to believe the social platform is brand new and hot off the press. In reality, Vero was created back in 2015 by Lebanese billionaire [...]

  • employer brand webinar

How to Build Your Employer Brand Using Social Media [Webinar]

15th, February 2018|0 Comments

A study by CAREEREALISM shows that 80% of job seekers will research an employer online before deciding whether to apply for a position. So, how strong is your employer brand? The concept of employers showcasing [...]

  • Personal online brand eBook

How Can Business Leaders Build Their Personal Online Brand? [White paper]

9th, February 2018|0 Comments

Business leaders are still inclined to keep their social media presence separate from their work. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of in-house marketing teams reported in 2017 that their CEO doesn’t have a ‘functioning social media profile’. [...]

  • employer branding

Employer Branding 101

11th, December 2017|0 Comments

It's not just the world's first AI-driven robot citizen Sophia that's doing its best human impression. In this digital age, brands are also beginning to cultivate corporate personalities in a bid to positively converse and [...]

  • Legal content strategy

5 Elements Of An Effective Content Strategy For Law Firms

13th, June 2017|0 Comments


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