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About us

M2 has been in the content business for over 20 years.
We get a kick out of being able to produce high-quality editorial, graphic, and video content for brands of all shapes and sizes.

Our team is based in Bath and consists of journalists, bloggers, business editors, graphic designers, and video animators. Content managers, strategists, and social media managers ensure a smooth process from planning to sign-off.

Ultimately, our aim is to produce great content, and make your life as easy as possible!

Why are we different?

  1. We are not a sales team relying on random freelancers or interns to produce our work. Our clients enjoy the continuity of working with the same content managers, writers and designers from project to project, and the vast majority of our work is produced by our in-house team.
  2. We’re a dedicated, specialist content agency, not a design, PR, or SEO agency offering content as an afterthought and then outsourcing its production.
  3. Our ‘copy-first’ approach ensures that when graphics and video are required they enhance your message rather than dictate it.
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