What’s the best day to send out marketing emails?

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new study by SmartFocus has analysed over a billion email marketing messages sent by major retailers and revealed the most effective days for brands to send out emails. If you’re looking to boost engagement and aim for the greatest impact with your email marketing, time your messages right and you could be raking in the revenue.

When to send marketing emails

As tactics go, email marketing is the epitome of ‘an oldie but goodie’ – it still has the power to produce some serious results. In fact, it’s actually becoming more effective with a return on investment of £32.28 for every £1 spent – up from £30.03 last year – according to The Marketer Email Tracker 2018 Report from the DMA.

To cash in on this action, the SmartFocus study revealed that email messages sent earlier in the week gain greater click-through rates than those sent later in the week. Messages sent on a Tuesday were found to have a CTR of over 30% more than those sent on a Friday. So, it might be an idea to experiment with sending emails that require consumer action earlier in the week.

When it comes to sending out emails with informative and educational content that does not require consumer action, the study revealed that Sunday is the most effective day – maybe due to the fact that consumers have more time on their hands.

However, SmartFocus found that most marketers send out email communications on Thursdays and Sundays, with the fewest sent on Mondays and Tuesdays. Which means they are missing out on the highest open and click-through rates.

The research also revealed the times of the day that marketing emails hit the spot. The majority of marketing emails (600,000 an hour) were opened between 6pm and 9pm while just half that amount were opened at 9am in the morning.

Additionally, those opened between 5.30pm and 6.30pm were also the least likely to lead to the dreaded ‘unsubscribes’ – the most likely time for those was found to be between 10.15am and 12.30pm.

What this means for brands

The results from this study simply highlight the importance of building a clear picture of customer behaviour in order to tailor your email marketing campaigns to have the greatest effect.

Let’s also talk about GDPR – although not for too long as it’s an incredibly dry topic.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force very soon and many organisations still need to seek consent, ensuring individuals have actively opted in to the collection, processing and retention of their data.

With extensive consent-gathering outreach clocking in pretty high up on the priority list for businesses, knowing the best times to reach out to your audience with requests could make all the difference to whether or not you get the response you are hoping for.

Sarah Taylor, CMO at SmartFocus, commented: “This analysis… suggests mornings and lunchtimes are increasingly seen as an intrusion. Whereas in the evening and after the working day, a marketing message will get a much more positive viewing.”

It appears that, when it comes to email marketing, timing really is everything.

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