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Beyoncé killed it so hard at Coachella 2018 that fans have renamed this year’s festival ‘Beychella’. In fact, if there was anyone else playing at America’s premier music festival, set out in the Colorado Desert, I’d be hard-pressed to name them. Team this with reports from Billboard that combined album and song sales for Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child increased by 83% after the first show debuted and it’s clear that Queen Bey might have a thing or two to teach us about marketing success…

Brand Beyoncé

Beyoncé pretty much stole all the headlines related to the 10-day festival with her two unbelievable performances. From the full marching band and underlying tribute to historically black colleges and universities, to the surprise reformation of Destiny’s Child and appearance of husband Jay-Z, she showed the world exactly what it takes to achieve ‘superstar status: hard work, meticulous attention to detail and a world-dominating brand of fierce, female empowerment.

Here are some content marketing tips I’ve taken from Brand Beyoncé:

Stay relevant but stay authentic

Keeping an eye on trending topics and hashtags is a great way to drum up some content when you’re feeling the inspo drying up. Beyoncé has a special talent for staying relevant yet also authentic. She makes it a priority to speak out about issues that are not just important to her but important to her fan base, too. During a time when police brutality, race relations and feminism were catapulted into the public consciousness on social media, Beyoncé released her award-winning visual album ‘Lemonade’, which explored the political and personal constructs of racial and gendered identity and oppression. When Beyoncé dropped the single ‘Formation’, she immediately followed it up with a donation to the Black Lives Matter Movement, and a day later she announced her tour. Demonstrating that relevancy, authenticity and impeccable timing are everything when you want to make an impact with your marketing.

Empower your audience

Beyoncé empowers women all over the world with her lyrics, her attitude and her performances – note her all-female 10-piece band – and her audience loves her for it. Brands could do well to take a leaf out of Bey’s book and empower their audience by a) offering relevant and valuable content and b) ensuring you always listen to and respond to their feedback. If your audience feels empowered by the products, services and overall experience that you offer, they’re probably feeling pretty good about themselves – consequently, they’ll make that association with your brand.

Quality not quantity

I bang on about this all the time but in a time when there’s more online content than ever, it becomes increasingly apparent when a brand is focused more on how frequently they are posting than how good their content actually is. While consistent posting is certainly important, it’s not worth sacrificing the quality and reputation of your brand for. Beyoncé knows it; she took nearly three years between her fifth album and ‘Lemonade’. But seeing as it ended up winning a ton of awards including the BET Award for Album of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Album, it was clearly worth the wait. While I’m not suggesting you leave it quite as long in between posts, be sure to put a strategy in place that ensures content tied to your brand hits the spot every time – don’t post, just to post.

Know your brand, know your audience

It’s the first, the last and the everything of successful marketing. Beyoncé’s brand is all about female empowerment, so every album, social media post and everything she puts out is aligned with this message. By not only understanding the content your audience wants but the way they prefer to consume and engage with this content, you can build rapport, trust and meaningful relationships with your audience – the foundation of loyalty and longevity.

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