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Content marketing might not be rocket science, but you certainly need experience and know-how to devise, refine and execute a killer strategy. It doesn’t help that the landscape of the industry is constantly evolving – what works well one year might need adapting the next – and that many business owners don’t have the spare time to invest in deciphering the overwhelming amount of conflicting advice that can be found online.

Fortunately, our team has a diverse range of experience in content strategy, production and distribution – experience they’re more than willing to share! I’ve picked their collective brain to collate a few helpful tricks of the trade. Here are nine top tips from our tip-top team…

James: “The audience always comes first”

Our Head of Production and Planning James, highlights the importance of considering how your audience prefers to consume content (i.e. via social platforms, blogs or email) and what type of content they are most likely to engage with (i.e. infographics, articles or videos). By tuning into their preferences and tailoring your efforts to suit, you stand the greatest chance of building trust, rapport and engagement with your content campaigns.

Alex: “Find your unique voice”

Senior Writer Alex believes brands stand out from the crowd by developing a unique and consistent voice that reflects their personality, values and the way they interact with their audience. Ideally, you need to sound engaging, relatable and human – without a bit of a conversational tone, it’s all too easy to come off as stiff and boring. Just the sort of thing that causes an audience to turn off and tune out.

Nicole: “Keep your goals in mind”

Nicole, our Social Media Executive, advises brands to clearly outline their goals and ensure their content strategy aligns with what they want to achieve. She suggests keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing while considering how your efforts offer something unique or fill any gaps they might have missed. By ensuring your content consistently aligns with your audience, brand and visual style, while also offering extra value compared to your competitors, you can position yourself as a recognisable leader in your field.

Lisa: “Don’t underestimate authenticity”

Senior Business Editor Lisa emphasises the importance of authenticity when creating content. However, it’s key to be aware that authenticity for the sake of stats won’t swing it with today’s discerning audience. Instead, make sure your brand builds a reputation for being totally honest and transparent. The more authentic you are, the more value you add to your content. And that means readers will trust you and want to engage with you. Your brand’s reputation is everything; don’t risk damaging it by appearing untrustworthy. No ifs, no buts, just honesty.

Toni: “Lay off the hard sell”

Don’t underestimate the power of the brand awareness stage of the customer journey, urges Senior Content Manager Toni. Instead of ramming your product or service down your readers’ necks, make it a priority to serve up engaging content around subjects of mutual interest. Not only will you be adding real value to your readers’ lives, you’ll build trust and present yourself as a brand who has its finger on the pulse. Give your audience a reason to keep coming back for more and you’ll be front of mind when they do need your product or service in the future.

Dan: “Get creative with your visuals”

It goes without saying that visuals should play a central role in your content marketing strategy. Our Senior Designer Dan likes to get creative with our clients’ content and experiment with everything from animated infographics (infogifs) and true shot/animated video to 360-degree pannable photographs or cinemagraphs. In short, he says, just using visual content to tick a box isn’t enough – you must adapt to ensure maximum user engagement. Don’t forget to retain a consistent and recognisable style throughout any visual content you create too; if you don’t have a brand style guide, now’s the time to make one!

Matt: “Collaboration is key”

Senior Writer Matt reminds us that sometimes your audience might appreciate hearing a voice other than yours. Collaborating with influencers, thought leaders, customers and employees means you can pool resources, skills and perspectives – all of which adds more value to your audience. Additionally, if you team up with the right people within your industry, you’ll instantly gain more exposure and multiply your prospective audience.

Liz: “Adapt for each social platform”

As Social Media Manager, Liz advises brands to have an individual strategy for each platform and ensure content is adapted accordingly. After all, followers will be inclined to switch off if they see the same message regurgitated in three different places. Take the time to optimise your visual content (here’s a handy guide to image sizes across the most popular channels) and vary your tone of voice to suit the audience you’re addressing. Also, don’t be afraid to have fun with your content! A little humour goes a long way, especially on social, so inject some life into it with animated GIFs or clever puns.

Rachel: “Remember the 3 Rs”

Last, but not least, Senior Content Manager Rachel swears by checking off the 3 Rs when it comes to editing the content that passes through M2 Bespoke. Ask yourself if each piece of content is Relatable, Relevant and Rousing before pushing it out the door. Relatable, so you form an emotional connection with your audience; Relevant, so it targets the audience at the right time in their lives, and; Rousing, so it encourages a response and opens a conversation.

If you’re looking for assistance with your content marketing, contact M2 Bespoke today – our team is waiting for your call!