Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

2018 marketing trends

Our minds may be more set on working off all those mince pies than they are on our marketing strategies, but forgetting to make a plan for 2018 is a mistake as terrible as dropping the Christmas pudding. So, don’t be a turkey and pay attention: here are our four top trends set to shape marketing this year.

Video retains first place

We’ve been banging on about this one since forever, but if you’re late to the party we’ll give you a quick synopsis now: with eight billion videos consumed daily on Facebook and a further 10 billion on Snapchat alone, this is one medium you can’t afford to ignore. Whether you’re representing a school, company or non-profit, every organisation can benefit from video’s versatility and immediacy.

So, where do you start? Begin by asking yourself which elements of your marketing strategy could be presented in video. When brainstorming content ideas, consider storytelling as a tool, or create a bespoke video plan; ideas could include behind-the-scenes insights into your company, product unveilings and interviews with staff members.

Video is entertaining and memorable – data from Insivia found consumers remember 95% of a message when presented in a video, in comparison to 10% for text – and they can boost conversion rates by 80% when featured on a landing page. So, decide on your platform, mull over the debates of long-form versus short-form video and create a strategy. It’s time to dust off that video-camera and get shooting.

Content management is a must

You may have a content strategy as sure as the sunrise, but if you fail to distribute and analyse its efficacy properly, you might as well be shouting into the void. The internet is permeated with content, so unless yours directly targets a consumer’s pain point or appeals to their individual interests, they’re likely to keep on scrolling. The best way to figure out what works and when is – you guessed it – by applying and understanding meaningful metrics, and adapting strategies as data sees fit.

The essentiality of effective management doesn’t stop there; back in 1999 a single strategy may have been sufficient, but two decades and uncountable platforms later, we find ourselves needing to communicate across multiple channels. While it’s true that what works on Facebook may not work on Instagram, the need for fresh, crisp content goes deeper than that.

Consumers can smell automation from a mile off and they hate to have their time wasted. Mastering content creation and distribution on a mass scale to highly-siloed audiences is no mean feat – but when have you ever turned away from a challenge?

Social Influencers keep, er, influencing

It’s a strange time to be a marketer. Just 33% of consumers trust advertisements while 92% trust peer recommendations; so, if you were hoping influencers would drop off the marketing radar in 2018, we have some bad news for you: they are as effective as ever.

However, if your image of an influencer only involves celebrities and social media stars, it’s time to think again. It’s the likes of thought-leaders and executives that possess the most potency. Think about the movers and shakers in your industry and partner with them – it’s about brains and not follower count, after all.

Moreover, while it’s important that brands work to win back credibility from consumers, it’s also vital that companies create strategies that appeal to social media influencers. Allocate some of your marketing budget to influencer marketing, treat them properly and you’ll be rewarded with a jump in authenticity.

AR and VR bring adverts to life

Don’t let Black Mirror fool you, AR and VR can be effective marketing tactics without them stealing your soul or zapping you into a computer stimulation. As relatively unexplored mediums, you have novelty and interest on your side – and that’s before you even consider their strengths as immersive, interactive formats.

In short, this is an underdeveloped medium that has significant leveragability. Have a nose around what others are doing with the tech and see if and how you can implement it into your own strategy. For instance, you could use it for employer branding by creating walkthroughs for potential employees, or showcase products and servicing by virtually showing leads what you can do for them.

If you need help creating a fool-proof marketing strategy that’s sure to make 2018 a success, get in touch with our team at M2 Bespoke today. Whether it’s social media, content creation and distribution, or design insight that you’re after, we have you covered.

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