music more memorable than visuals









The fact that our tiny little brains find it much easier to recall information featuring pictures than sheer text alone, is old news round these parts. So, when I heard that new research has revealed music may make your content even more memorable than visuals, I was keen to investigate more.

While forward-thinking brands have taken steps to ensure high-quality visuals play a key part in their content campaigns – at M2 Bespoke we offer our clients everything from infographics to animation – there’s always room for further experimentation, particularly when the consumer speaks up.

The research, conducted by audio branding specialists PHMG and reported by Aussie marketing publication B&T, revealed that 66% of survey respondents believe music is more memorable than visuals when it comes to marketing. In an arena increasingly dominated by visual messages, all seeking to kickstart consumers right in the the old memory bank, could this indicate there’s a real opportunity for brands to tune into their audio offering and stand out from the crowd?

Tap into the right emotions

As anyone with half a soul should know, music has the ability to create a strong emotional reaction, from making you feel on top of the world to nostalgically looking back on the Deep South childhood you never had. In fact, the PHMG research measured the reactions of 1,000 Australian consumers just to confirm this, finding that different types of music were capable of emotionally influencing the way a business is viewed. It was also found that very subtle tweaks to instrumentation, key, style and chord have a significant effect on the consumers’ perceptions.

According to the study, the sound of strings chiming out short, sharp notes in a major key was found to have a positive effect on the audience with 87% associating the tunes with emotions of happiness or excitement. However, all it took was a swift shift to a minor key and 83% reported feelings of sadness.

As we all know, forming an emotional connection with the consumer is key. If the right kind of music has the potential for conveying a clear image of a brand’s values and ethos, straight into the mind of the listener, it’s clear that choosing the soundtrack to your content is critical.

It’s all gone very Derren Brown, hasn’t it?

PHMG also discovered that the dulcet strum of the acoustic guitar conveyed an impression of caring, calm sophistication to 90% of the audience while the thump of repetitive drums provided a sense of drive, energy and determination. Choosing the right music to accompany your content should clearly be carefully considered alongside the brand values a business might wish to display.

Our graphics guru Dan agrees that music can play a pivotal role in content production: “It is amazing how a small tweak can change the emotion a video evokes. We ensure that we source our backing tracks and sound effects from multiple sources so we have a range of different styles. We also render off multiple versions of a piece using different music and get feedback (usually from the entire office), to filter out the ones that don’t work as well. That’s how we find a winner.

“However, although music is important, we do always bear in mind that for social videos, a lot of people will be watching without sound. So, for this medium, the more eye-catching a piece, the better!”

While we can’t promise every brand a jingle as annoyingly catchy as Calgon’s, we certainly know how to make your content marketing sing. Contact M2 Bespoke to find out how we can help you today.