5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Photographer for Your Content Marketing

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The days of dishing out content that’s dense with text are long gone. Well, they should be if you want anyone to read it – content with visuals gains 94% more views than content without.

However, with the ubiquitous smartphone turning the world and his wife into amateur snappers, smart brands are handing the reins to professionals in order to gain an edge on the competition. Here are five reasons why you need a professional photographer for your content and why the right visuals are crucial for marketing in 2018…

1. Quality images = quality brand

You wouldn’t deliver your products in shoddy packaging or forget to hit spell-check when it comes to your website copy, so why would you want to make it look like amateur hour when it comes to your photographs? Using a professional means that each and every image will be top quality, sharp and on brand – just what you want to attract new prospects. Plus, a good photographer who really ‘gets’ your brand should be able to come up with new, creative ways to reach your distracted, digital audience.

2. Professionals snaps are unique

With a professional on the case, you can be sure you won’t be left red-faced when a competitor uses the same stock images as you on their latest social post. The right photographer can supply you with a collection of beautiful, unique images that really convey your brand image and personality – just a day or two of shooting could keep your Instagram ticking over for weeks. If you work in a competitive industry, it’s important to show you’ve got something special and you’re not just like all the rest. So, you really don’t want to be using the same photos as others in your field.

3. Consistency is key

I’m always banging on about the importance of consistency when it comes to content marketing, whether it relates to how often you post or the look and feel of your website. By hiring a professional photographer, you can rest assured your images will all convey a polished image with consistent colours, lighting and backgrounds. Your brand has a specific look and feel, so reflect this in your images. Remember that an experienced photographer can make an everyday scene look special, so you can be sure each and every image will make a consistent impact and deliver value for money.

4. You can reuse and repurpose

While hiring a professional photographer for your content marketing might cost a little cash upfront, bear in mind that your photos will be a versatile asset. You can use your images to build your brand across a wide range of social platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter as well as on your website and in blog posts. You’ll have a source of top images to adapt, reuse and repurpose to your heart’s content – worth every penny as far as I’m concerned.

5. Great photos help connect with your audience

The best marketing campaigns are those that resonate with their audience, that enhance and affect emotions in just the right way. Have you ever been enticed to buy a product or service, or been intrigued to find out more about a brand by unoriginal or mediocre images? Consider those perfectly styled food photos that make your mouth fill with saliva and bring memories of happy family dinners flooding into your brain on a rush of dopamine. This doesn’t just happen by accident – these images are put together by professionals. Remember the aim with images is to make people act on your content – that won’t happen with uninspiring shots.

Why stock photos just don’t cut it

In a time where image-based social platform Instagram has topped 800m followers and Snapchat is the network of choice for teens in the US, it’s clear that a picture really is worth a thousand words. If you’ve decided to dabble with these popular platforms, simply looking to spruce-up your website or add a few well-chosen images into your company blogs, you want to make sure your efforts don’t fall short.

Using high-quality photographs grabs the attention of your audience and can encourage members of your community to share with their own networks in a way that low-quality, badly lit and uninspiring images can’t. The right photograph can improve understanding of your products and services, drive emotional responses, increase engagement and humanise your brand by revealing the faces and personalities behind the business.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with your brand photography, social marketing or content needs, drop us a line at M2 Bespoke today.

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