Six Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

build personal brand

So, earlier this week I set out five reasons why you should invest in personal branding. As I’m not one to leave you high and dry, today I want to outline a couple of ways you can begin to build (and successfully leverage) your sparkly, new online persona. So listen up – class is now in session.

Start creating content

You know the saying, ‘show, don’t tell’? Well, that’s an effective mantra to follow when you first get started. Setting up a profile and proclaiming yourself to be an expert doesn’t bode well with your audience; you need to prove yourself, your credentials and your credibility. Best way to do that? Through content, of course.

Unsure of where to start? If only there was a content marketing agency you could turn to… Just kidding. Consider releasing a monthly newsletter – this is doubly beneficial as the subscriber list can easily be turned into a bank of potential leads – or, publish weekly blog posts that address pain points and queries in your sector. By crafting expert content and distributing it across your various channels, your digital footprint will begin to paint a picture of not just who you are as a person, but what you represent.

Be consistent

Consistency is key. Whatever your sector, new minds, ideas and thought-leaders are appearing with every passing moment. So, how can you make your content stand out against the rest? Creating knowledgeable content is only half of the battle; if you want your audience to keep coming back again and again, you need to create excellent content every single time.

Consistency breeds credibility. Ensure that the entirety of your online output is insightful, intelligent and original. Oh, and check for errors before you hit ‘publish’ – once your integrity is tarnished, it’s incredibly hard to claw it back.


Not to sound like your mother, but you won’t make any friends standing in the corner not talking to anyone. Get involved and get chatting, commenting and interacting with other leaders in your sector. Participate in Twitter Q&As, or hold your own. Embed yourself in your chosen community and become a valued voice within it; amplify others, share words of encouragement and advice, and be kind. I promise, it may take you longer, but it’ll get you further.

Invest in professional photography

High-quality photography tells your audience that you’re one to be reckoned with. Whether it’s for your headshots, social posts or pictures on your website, exceptional photography helps you to connect with your audience visually and emotionally. Additionally, hiring a photographer means that all of your images will be unique, because let’s be honest, it’s 2018 – stock photos just don’t cut it anymore.

Create sponsored content

In the last year or so, we’ve seen a significant uptick in companies opting for sponsored posts and it’s pretty clear to see why. Sponsored posts that are published on say, Forbes or Entrepreneur – or even smaller publications like industry magazines – cut out all the difficulty associated with content delivery. It puts the writer right in front of their desired audience and as partnering with big names is a powerful driver of social proof, you can also add authority to your personal brand.

Understand yourself

Last but certainly not least is to know yourself, after all, how can you bolster your personal brand if you’re not sure of what it is? You need to be transparent and authentic if you want to resonate with your audience, so be yourself. Sit down and really reflect on who you are, what you want to convey and what you want to achieve. Ask yourself: what are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you believe in? What’s your niche? And, most importantly: what makes you different? What is it that only you can offer?

You may look to established internet-thinkers and worry you’ll never get there. But don’t fret: like any endeavour, online or not, it takes time to build up momentum and results are rarely seen overnight. So keep plugging away and that content coming. Personal brands reward perseverance, but if you want to enlist the help of the experts – look no further. Get in touch if you want to know more.

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