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It’s never good to hear of another study that suggests too much social media is a bad thing; particularly in this office where a fair few of us spend a substantial portion of our week tinkering around on various platforms. Thankfully, recent research, which reveals that three-quarters of Brits believe social media has had a positive effect on their careers, has given us all the justification we need to fall down another Facebook wormhole of videos, comments and likes – all in the name of progress.

The study, courtesy of independent job board CV-Library, surveyed 1,200 professionals to learn about the impact social media has on our careers. The younger generation proved most receptive to the effects of social media with 40.2% of 18-25 year-olds stating that posts they have seen on the daily scroll have influenced their career decisions. Unsurprising, really, considering this demographic are social media’s biggest fans.

Perhaps it’s time for brands looking for gold star employees to take note. If fresh, young talented individuals are allowing their career decisions to be influenced by social media, then it’s very clear what a talent-hungry brand needs to do: brush up their employer branding and make sure the image they project across their various platforms showcases their business in its most attractive light.

How could social media influence talent?

The research revealed that professionals believe social media has helped their careers in a few key ways:

  1. Taking inspiration from others’ work – 34.6%
  2. Searching for jobs – 19.2%
  3. Researching businesses they’d like to work for – 15.4%
  4. Gaining career advice – 14.1%
  5. Feeling inspired by those following their dreams – 13.5%

The most influential social platforms were also uncovered. Facebook took the lead with 39% of respondents stating the behemoth had influenced decisions they had made in their careers; LinkedIn was a close runner up with 35.7% finding it a positive influence. The younger generation, however, lean more towards the world of visuals and video, possibly due to the rising success of the blogger and influencer community. YouTube is a firm favourite amongst 25% of under 18 year-olds while Instagram is preferred amongst 20% of 18-25 year-olds.

Perhaps the growing influence of social media in the recruitment and HR world indicates that today’s talent is turning to their personal networks for career advice and inspiration. In order for brands to point their own recruitment efforts in the right direction, however, they need to be sure they are targeting the social platforms most popular amongst the community they hope to attract. It’s another classic case of ‘know your audience’.

Team this understanding with posting relevant, engaging content to your company social media accounts, designed to inspire talented minds as well as offer advice and guidance, and you might just find you start to hook the right kind of people for your organisation.

After all, if a quarter (24.1%) of professionals state that the social posts they see and the people they follow influence their career decisions, brands are missing a trick if their platforms are left to gather dust.

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