social video

Social media cemented itself as a key marketing tool a few years back, with most brands now having at least one or two channels in their arsenal. But just as important as having a social presence is ensuring you’re sharing the right content on the right platform.

Now, if you’re au fait with our blog, you may know that I’ve (quite relentlessly) banged on about video and its benefits. But for good reason: it’s the ‘now’ of content marketing and it’s only going to become more popular – and consequently, more crucial for brands to harness its potential.

Naturally, then, video is stirring up social content. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become hosts to endless show reels of dynamic content that captivates and engages users. Social media and video are a match made in marketing heaven, allowing companies to enhance their strategy, build their brand story, and form lasting relationships with their target audiences.

Don’t tell me – you’re already reaching for your camcorder. But, before you hit the ‘record’ button, you might find it useful for me to explain the different types of social video, and the channels they work best on. So, without further ado…

Video GIFs

Best for: Facebook and Twitter

Short, sweet and easy to consume (and produce), video GIFS are great way to grab your audience’s attention. A three-second clip could tell a quick story about your brand, promote an event, or round up the benefits of a soon-to-be-launched product. Because GIFs are looped, the video’s overarching message stands a great chance of sticking in the minds of viewers.

Live video

Best for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Don’t let TV blunders faze you – live social video offers big benefits for brands bold enough to utilise it. It’s raw and unedited, giving viewers authentic insight into the workings of your brand, which is one of the best ways to bolster trust. You could live stream a tour of your office (give your team a heads up first), or capture footage of your company at an event. Or, you could host an interactive Q&A session, where viewers submit questions for someone from your business to answer. This can help to both humanise your brand and establish those all-important thought leader credentials.

Share a video via Facebook Live and it’s likely to feature high up in people’s newsfeeds during the broadcast, meaning your social engagement could receive a nice boost. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Broadcasts should be a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Rehearse in advance and don’t be afraid to use scripts
  • Do a test run to check video quality
  • Generate some hype on your social channels beforehand

24-hour video

Best for: Instagram, Snapchat

It was there, but now it’s gone… Instagram and Snapchat both play host to 24-hour videos, a fleeting format where clips disappear into the ether after a day. Obviously, this is no good for high-budget or labour-intensive videos (you want those to stick around for as long as possible). But, it can provide an effective way to send out short, simple and/or time-sensitive messages to your online audience.

You could share a clip of your team celebrating your company’s birthday, a snippet from an event, or a teaser of a product you’re unveiling the next day. Instagram in particular lets you personalise clips with hashtags and mentions, helping to extend their reach. It’s also recently introduced a polling feature where viewers can vote (yes/no; agree/disagree; this/that), making videos more interactive.

360-degree video

Best for: Facebook, YouTube

Transport your audience right into the heart of the action with a 360-degree video. One step away from VR and AR, it creates an engaging experience for viewers, allowing them to control the content by directing the camera. Imagine having an office revamp and inviting your customers in for a virtual tour? Or, if you’re an estate or travel agent, granting viewers VIP access to properties or holiday hotspots?

360-degree video is a relatively new format, so it’s still fresh and exciting – and viewers can’t get enough of it. Combine live video with 360-degree filming and you’ll have a seriously immersive piece of content to wow your audience with.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, these video formats are a great place to start. If you feel ready to ‘speak video’, let the team at M2 Bespoke help you learn the lingo. Our experts will create compelling video content that will resonate with your audience and bring you greater social success – give us a call today.