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Producing great content is only half the battle –getting that content in front of the right audience can be a real challenge.

The latest research shows that brands who are managing to increase content production are still coming up short on engagement. In the last year, brands increased their content production by 35% per channel, but content engagement has decreased by 17%, as per TrackMaven’s 2016 report. TrackMaven calls this decrease in engagement levels, in spite of more content being created, the ‘content marketing paradox’.
This paradox may have come about for a myriad of reasons, but what’s clear is that brands need to do more than blindly post their content on social media.

Here at M2 Bespoke, we offer a number of different options which are aligned with how today’s consumers
are engaging with content, including:

  • Influencer identification & outreach ...

    connects you with strong conversation leaders and publishers who have a rep for creating and curating great content. By connecting with an influencer who is well respected in your industry, you will be exposing your brand to a new and relevant audience, driving quality traffic and building Google-friendly links.

  • Paid social campaigns & boosted content ...

    are a necessary means to garner healthy engagement, as Facebook and the like insist on diminishing brands’ organic reach. However, ‘pay to play’ does at least provide an opportunity to target your specific audience with content, driving traffic to your website when they click through.

  • Native advertising ...

    has become more popular as consumers grow increasingly tired of interruptive ads and sponsored content disrupting their online experience. Rather than take consumers away from a website, branded editorial integrates seamlessly In-Feed on a premium publisher’s site, which makes for greater engagement.

  • Content recommendation ...

    widgets like Taboola and Outbrain serve up your promoted content to an extended audience – for brands that want to be sure they’re driving traffic to their website.

  • Email ...

    is being used more and more to educate subscribers, rather than simply sell to them. Research shows that companies with strong nurturing programs produce far more leads than those who opt instead for a traditional ‘spray and pray’ approach. Educational content seeks to guide an existing database through the buyer journey, rather than resorting to force.


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